Hello and thank you for joining us here! Please post thoughts, ideas, questions, experiences with your Deep Democracy journey here. Everyone in this group has had a minimum of Co-Resolve training.  Others have advanced training.  No matter where you are on your journey we can share and learn together here!
Please see link to upcoming offerings from our dear friend and newly certified trainer Maya! https://mailchi.mp/748e792d4ed0/upcoming-webinar-on-the-collaborative-edge-9638410?e=bbbcf5b2e3
Thanks for sharing, Kyla! We still have a few openings in the April CoResolve class if you know anyone who's interested. :-)
Hi everyone!  This is a SUPER cool article that was tweeted out by Helen Bevan today (UK Queen of Organizational Change and System Improvement).  I almost fell of my chair when I saw Deep Democracy as one of the facilitation tools/approaches when exploring an issue with more depth for understanding.  It was also cool to see the Check-In acknowledge as a tool of emergence.  This made my day!  https://medium.com/school-of-system-change/systemic-patterns-supporting-process-design-and-facilitation-11e589ddec97

So on that note I am also sharing the invite for our upcoming CoResolve Workshop and our invite for the Check-In Evolution course.  People can register for them both on our new and improved Change Collective website!

Hey Kyla. I don't see the article. Could you repost?
This is by Anna Birney, who spoke at the 2019 Deep Democracy conference. She's in the DD loop and tries to bring DD together with systems work. I'm glad she's still on it!
Hi everyone! Here is a good article from Harvard Business Review that can be used for background/rationale for both Co-Resolve and our new Check-In course. We have someone from KPMG who is taking our Check-In Course this month and I got an email from someone in Shea's office who wants to learn more.  I think corporate organizations are realizing they need to do something different during this difficult time...

Hi everyone!  We are going to pilot a new course starting next week.  It's a short course focused on the LDD Check-In Methodology and will be taught by Myrna Lewis herself!  3 90min sessions will enable you to become a certified check-in teacher who can then teach this approach to others.  This is targeted at people who have no training in DD but if anyone wants to take it as a refresher or to learn directly from Myrna herself you can certainly join! $120 which includes the 3 sessions.  https://issuu.com/kdaconsulting/docs/ldd_check-in__evolution_december_flyer
Oh! I wish I could!! Currently drowning but will spread the word!